a feast for crows

Book Design

The book's title refers to the piles of bodies left behind for the crows to feast on after a battle, but it also hints at the big forces behind those conflicts, who, from the safety of their castles, can now reap the benefits from the aftermath of the bloodshed, unaffected by its cruelties.

The art is a composite of over 30 images, representing the nobility behind the violence of wars, dividing the spoils in the aftermath of the events, indifferent to the lives lost. Just like the actual crows, feasting at the bodies in the battlefield, here they set their table on the field, their backs to the war, feasting on the spoils of chaos and violence they’ve sown as a new dawn breaks through the grim looking skies (a nod to the previous book “A Storm of Swords”. “Who is the sun rising for?” is the question lingering in the air like the dust raised by the conflict. The platter features elements symbolizing the big warring houses of the fictional world in the book — wolf pelt, a rose, an antler. A human heart and a slab of meat of meat represents the suffering of the people: merely collateral damage to the big houses deavouring each other.



student book design
student digital art


Penumbra HalfSerif Light was employed due to its very slender serifed form, which gives the logo a very modern, airy look while also evoking medieval themes. It contrasts with the heavy colors and themes of the cover image. The decorative elements suggest wings in flight.