Backed by steep, jungled mountains plunging into an island-studded bay, Paraty enjoys one of Brazil’s most spectacular settings and an exquisitely preserved colonial center, recognized as a National Historic Site since 1966. 



Whether it be the waves, the mountains, the architecture, exploring Paraty is an ever undulating experience of flow and color and joy.


Pataty's gorgeous nature embraces the colorful picturesque architecture, the many cultural festivals dressing up the city, the quaint and carefully hand crafted work of friendly local artisans. The inspiration of these flowing waves which embrace and enrich one another culminated in the design of the shape named “the fold”. Its organic overlaying shapes are colored to represent the mountains, the sands and the waves and it surrounds, embraces and supports the famous historical architecture. Paraty is, after all, the harmonious blend of the man-made and nature. The secondary colors of the brand stand in stark contrast with white backgrounds the same way the white walls highlight the colorful frames of doors and windows. Finally, the shapes used in the brand intentionally not perfectly symmetric: a nod to the work of the local artisans.

Logo varations and lockups


Brand artwork

The ever flowing and ever undulating spirit of Paraty is represented by Undula, a repeatable successive element derived from The Fold, where other elements from the brand artwork such as the architectonic graphics, icons and other similar shapes can flow through and ride the crests of its waves.



The brand's iconography brings to center-stage the vivid colors of the doors and window frames and sets them in motion. The overlapping twin shapes and the white wave dashing across them derive from the lines in the main logo to reinforce unity to the system.



The price tag was developed in the same shape as the banners and it features a back tag witht the patterning element "Pra ti" to be used as a gift tag: write your own message on the watermark pattern, and fill out "De:" (from) with your name and "pra ti," (for you,) the recipient's name.